Construction & Project Management

Construction management is much more than just

“the use of project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.”

It also requires

“an incredible amount of knowledge and experience of the factors that can affect a project and thereby its success, allowing critical adjustments to be made at any time.”

Our range of construction management services is structured in a modular way. Select from the following services:

  • Project control: the steering tool that initiates project processes from the point a client decides to start building and accompanies the project through to completion.

  • Tender and bid process: a part of the planning process carried out before the start of construction work to ensure that bidding firms offer only requested services that can be compared with each other.

  • Project monitoring: an additional, external staff unit and monitoring body for the project team that reports directly to the client.

  • Construction management (site supervision): an independent functional unit for the coordination of construction operations with a focus on technical, time and cost specifications.

  • Construction site coordination (pursuant to the Austrian Law on Construction Work Coordination BauKG): a safety tool that, under Austrian law, requires builders to carry out an on-going review and evaluation of construction site processes with regard to health and safety in order to prevent accidents in construction work.

Construction project management is only successful when a company is well prepared for the complexity of a construction project, and when it can take into account the incredibly wide range of factors that can influence a project.